Literatura dostupna članovima Udruge

rujan 8, 2018

Literatura dostupna članovima Udruge


Članovima Udruge dostupna je naša “elektronska knjižnica” iz koje ćemo jednom tjedno preporučiti zanimljivu knjigu ili tekst za čitanje i učenje. Tekst ćemo zajedno komentirati u petak na našem druženju. Tekstovi su iz područja suvremene psihologije, filozofije i svega onoga što obično zovemo postmoderna psihoterapija.


  1. Allured-Developing the Intersubjective Playground in the Treatment of Childhood Asperger.pdf

  2. Altman-Integrating the Transpersonal with the Intersubjective.pdf

  3. Ammann-Music and melancholy.pdf

  4. Antinucci-Molino Bollas.pdf

  5. Arnetoli-Empathic Networks Intersubjective Field.pdf

  6. Arnetoli-Empathic Networks.pdf

  7. Arnold-Intersubjectivity.pdf

  8. Aron-Black Fire on White Fire Hermeneutics.pdf

  9. Aron-Clinical Choices and the Relational Matrix.pdf

  10. Atwood-Deconstructing Carveth.pdf

  11. Atwood-Deconstructing The Myth Of The Neutral Analyst.pdf

  12. Atwood-Defects in the Self.pdf

  13. Atwood-Only a God Can Save Us.pdf

  14. Atwood-Rejoinder to Richard Chessick.pdf

  15. Bacal-H.-Carlton-L.-Kohuts-last-words-on-analytic-cure–2010-.pdf

  16. Bacal-H.-Optimal-Responsiveness-and-the-Therapeutic-Process-Progress-in-Self-Psych-1.pdf

  17. Bacal-Specificity Theory.pdf

  18. Barth- Bulimia.pdf

  19. Barth-Nanopsychaonalysis.pdf

  20. Bebbe-Faces in Relation.pdf

  21. Becker-The Dialectic Between Self.pdf

  22. Beebe-A Comparison of Meltzoff.pdf

  23. Beebe-An Expanded View of Intersubjectivity in Infancy and its Application to Psychoanalysis.pdf

  24. Beebe – Integrity In The Analytic Relationship.pdf

  25. Beebe-Mother.pdf

  26. Beebe – procedural .pdf

  27. Beebe-The Relational Turn in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  28. Benjamin-A Note on the Dialectic.pdf

  29. Benjamin-A Review of Awakening the Dreamer.pdf

  30. Benjamin-Crash.pdf

  31. Benjamin-Creating an Intersubjective Reality.pdf

  32. Benjamin-Escape from the Hall of Mirrors.pdf

  33. Benjamin-Finding the Way Out.pdf

  34. Benjamin-Hoffman.pdf

  35. Benjamin-Intersubjective Distinctions.pdf

  36. Benjamin-J.-2007-ICP-Presentation-Thirdness-present-send.pdf

  37. Benjamin-Psychoanalysis as a Vocation.pdf

  38. benjamin recognition and destruction.pdf

  39. Benjamin-The Rhythm of Recognition.pdf

  40. Benjamin-The Story of I.pdf

  41. Berman-Stephen A Mitchell.pdf

  42. Beyond Doer and Done.pdf

  43. Bion-Differentiation of the Psychotic from the Non.pdf

  44. Bion-Group Dynamics.pdf

  45. Bion-Medical Orthodoxy and the Future of Psycho.pdf

  46. Bion-On Hallucination.pdf

  47. Bion-The Psycho.pdf

  48. Biurski-Intersubjective Observations on Transference Love.pdf

  49. Biurski-Worlds of Experience Stolorow.pdf

  50. Bollas-Architecture and the Unconscious1.pdf

  51. Bollas-Aspects of the Erotic Transference.pdf

  52. Bollas-Borderline Desire1.pdf

  53. Bollas-Conversations with Clinicians.pdf

  54. Bollas-Darwin.pdf

  55. Bollas-Figures And Their Functions.pdf

  56. Bollas-Freudian Intersubjectivity.pdf

  57. Bollas-Moods and the Conservative Process.pdf

  58. Bollas-Origins of the Therapeutic Alliance.pdf

  59. Bollas-Perceptive Identification.pdf

  60. Bollas-The Freud.pdf

  61. Bollas-Who Does Self Psychology Cure.pdf

  62. Bollas-Wording And Telling Sexuality.pdf

  63. Brandchaft-Reflections on the Intersubjective Foundations of the Sense of Self.pdf

  64. Brazil-An Ethics for the Psychoanalyst in the Postmodern Age.pdf

  65. Brodsky-Realizing the Self.pdf

  66. Broembsen-The Twinship.pdf

  67. Bromberg-Shadow and Substance.pdf

  68. BR_Reading_ Kohut_Through_ Husserl – ePUBator.epub

  69. Bugental-and-Yalom-article.pdf

  70. Buirski-Intersubjective Observations on Transference Love.pdf

  71. Burston- Laing R.pdf

  72. Busch-I Noticed.pdf

  73. Buss-Individual_Disciplines.pdf

  74. Cambray-Synchronicity and Emergence.pdf

  75. Carveth-Doc171.pdf

  76. Carvethin-ProgressinSelfPsy[1].pdf

  77. Carveth-Is the Medium the Message in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  78. Carveth-Is There a Future in Disillusion.pdf

  79. Carveth-Selfobject and Intersubjective Theory.pdf

  80. Carveth-Transcending the Dangers of the Dyad.pdf

  81. Chessick-A Comparison of the Heidegger and the Self Psychology of Kohut.pdf

  82. Chessick-Psychoanalytic Peregrinations IV.pdf

  83. Chessick-What Constitutes Our Undertanding of a Patient.pdf

  84. Clement-Self Communion in the Intersubjective Field.pdf

  85. Coburn-Attitudes of Embeddedness and Transcendence in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  86. Coburn-A World of Systems.pdf

  87. Coburn-Chapter 11 An Instrument of Possibilities.pdf

  88. Coburn-Chapter 2 Patient Unconscious.pdf

  89. Coburn-Contextualist Sensibilities in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  90. Coburn-Don.pdf

  91. Coburn-Introduction.pdf

  92. Coburn-Subjectivity.pdf

  93. Coburn-Terminations.pdf

  94. Coburn-The Organizing Forces of Contemporary Psychoanalysis.pdf

  95. Coburn-What is a Weeble Anyway.pdf

  96. Cocks-Stanley Kubrick.pdf

  97. Cohen-Discussion of Otto F.pdf

  98. Cohen-Self.pdf

  99. Connell-Subjective Reality.pdf

  100. Cooper-The Gap Between.pdf

  101. Cooper-What we take for granted.pdf

  102. CristopherLasch-MinimalSelf.pdf

  103. Crowther-Finding the space between east and west.pdf

  104. Curtis-Working Intersubjectively Stolorow.pdf

  105. Cushman-A Burning World.pdf

  106. Cushman-Between Arrogance and a Dead.pdf

  107. Cwik-The Art of the Tincture.pdf

  108. Dimen- Body RorsaschDoc57.pdf

  109. Dimen-The Body as Rorschach.pdf

  110. Dimen- The Immediate.pdf

  111. Doctors-On Subjective Change in Patient and Analyst.pdf

  112. Donna_M._Orange-The_Suffering_Stranger_Hermeneutic.pdf

  113. Donna_M._Orange-Thinking_for_Clinicians_Philosophy.pdf

  114. DouglasKirsner_HeinzKohut.pdf

  115. Droga-Chapter 16 The Guilt of Tragic Man.pdf

  116. Eenwyk-Archetypes fractal.pdf

  117. Eenwyk-Archetypes.pdf

  118. Eenwyk-The Analysis of Defences.pdf

  119. Ehrenberg-A Radical Shift in Thinking about the Process of Change.pdf

  120. Ehrenberg-How I Became a Psychoanalyst.pdf

  121. Ehrenberg-On The Analyst.pdf

  122. Ehrenberg-Potential Impasse as Analytic Opportunity.pdf

  123. Ehrenberg-Reply to Reviews by Barratt.pdf

  124. Ehrenberg-Self Disclosure.pdf

  125. Ehrenberg-The Analyst.pdf

  126. Ehrenberg-The Interpersonal.pdf

  127. Ehrenberg-Working at the.pdf

  128. Eiguer-The Intersubjective Links in Perversion1.pdf

  129. Elkin-On Existentialism.pdf

  130. Emde-The present moment in psychotherapy and everyday life by Daniel N.pdf

  131. Emery-The Ghost in the Mother.pdf

  132. Ettinger-Introduction.pdf

  133. Ettinger-The Feminine.pdf

  134. Fiscalini-Of Existence and Experience.pdf

  135. Flax-Understanding Experience.pdf

  136. Fonagy-Moments of change.pdf

  137. Forrest-The Mortal Stage of Late Life.pdf

  138. Fossage-When the Music Changes.pdf

  139. Fosshage-Affective Experiences and Honesty in the Interaction.pdf

  140. Fosshage-A relational self psychological perspective.pdf

  141. Fosshage-Contextualizing Self Psychology and Relational Psychoanalysis.pdf

  142. Fosshage-Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.pdf

  143. Fosshage-The Analyst.pdf

  144. Fosshage-The Role of Empathy and Interpretation in the Therapeutic Process.pdf

  145. Frank-On Mirroring and Mirror Hunger.pdf

  146. Frayn-Discussion of Fairbairn and Chaos Theory.pdf

  147. Freeman-Creativity and Psychoanalysis Bollas.pdf

  148. Frie-A Review of Open Minded.pdf

  149. Friedman-Dialogue and the Buber.pdf

  150. Friedman-Modern Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis.pdf

  151. Friedman-The Child Psychology of Maurice Merleau.pdf

  152. Frie-From Psychoanalysis to Daseinsanalysis.pdf

  153. Frie-Listening to Language.pdf

  154. Frie-Modernism or Postmodernism.pdf

  155. Frie-Psychoanalysis and the Linguistic Turn.pdf

  156. Frie-Understanding Intersubjectivity.pdf

  157. Fuqua-Practicing Intersubjectively.pdf

  158. Furlong-The New Informants Bollas.pdf

  159. Gedo-Contexts Of Being.pdf

  160. Gedo-Heinz Kohut.pdf

  161. Gehrie-Chapter 2 Heinz Kohut Memorial Lecture.pdf

  162. Geist-Who are You.pdf

  163. Gerhardt-The Intersubjective Turn in Psychoanalysis Benjamin.pdf

  164. Gerhardt-The Intersubjective Turn in Psychoanalysis Bollas.pdf

  165. Gerhardt-The Intersubjective Turn in Psychoanalysis Ehrenberg.pdf

  166. Gerhardt-The Intersubjective Turn in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  167. Gerhardt-The Pure Gold of Natural Language.pdf

  168. Gerhardt-Three Minds Are Better Than One.pdf

  169. Gerson-The Relational Unconscious.pdf

  170. Gerzi-Trauma.pdf

  171. Ghent-Wish.pdf

  172. Goldberg-Chapter 16 A Personal and Professional Reminiscence of Heinz Kohut.pdf

  173. Goldberg-Deconstructing the Dialectic.pdf

  174. Goldberg-Having a life.pdf

  175. Goldberg-The Intersubjective Perspective.pdf

  176. Goldberg-The Mystery of Things Bollas.pdf

  177. Gorman-Merleau.pdf

  178. Gorney-Chapter 6 Twinship.pdf

  179. Gorney-Chapter 8 Bulimia as Metaphor Twinship.pdf

  180. Gotthold-Do You Believe in Magic.pdf

  181. Gotthold-Moments of Meeting.pdf

  182. grace for injured self ch1.pdf

  183. Graham-Reverie and Interpretation.pdf

  184. Greene-Representations of the Group.pdf

  185. Green-The Intrapsychic and Intersubjective in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  186. Grossmark-The Edge of Chaos.pdf

  187. Gruenthal-Intimate Attachments.pdf

  188. Hadar-The Therapeutic Approach to the Body in Psychoanalysis and its Relation to Movement Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis.pdf

  189. Hanly-The Third.pdf

  190. Hartman-Minding the Gap.pdf

  191. Hartmann-Mirroring and Mentalizing.pdf

  192. Hartmann-The Unconscious in Self Psychology.pdf

  193. Hartman-Perfect Sense.pdf

  194. Heide-Authenticity and Psychoanalytic Technique.pdf

  195. Heinz Kohut.pdf

  196. Hogenson-The Self.pdf

  197. House-Portuges-P-731-744.pdf

  198. iyer.pdf

  199. Jaenicke-Self Psychology is not Supportive Psychotherapy an Answer to its Critics.pdf

  200. Kantor-Levinas.pdf

  201. Kaufman-Chapter 15 Sex.pdf

  202. Kaylo-The Body in Phenomenology and Movement Observation _2_.pdf

  203. Kennedy-On Subjective Organizations Toward a Theory of Subject Relations.pdf

  204. Kernberg-The Nature of Interpretation.pdf

  205. Kerrigan-Husserl.pdf

  206. Kieffer-Emergence and the Analytic Third.pdf

  207. Kilian- Art.pdf

  208. Kirshner-Figuration of the Real as an Intersubjective Process.pdf

  209. Kitron-The Unacknowledged Knowledge and the Need for a Sanity.pdf

  210. Kjellquist-Guilt Freud and Buber.pdf

  211. Klein-A Contribution to the Theory of Anxiety and Guilt.pdf

  212. Klein-Mourning and its Relation to Manic.pdf

  213. Klein-Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms1.pdf

  214. Klein-Symposium on.pdf

  215. Klein-The Mutual Influences in the Development of Ego and Id.pdf

  216. Klein-The Oedipus Complex in the Light of Early Anxieties1.pdf

  217. Klein-The Origins of Transference1.pdf

  218. Knoblauch-What Are We Trying to Do When We Write about the Psychoanalytic Interaction.pdf

  219. Kohut-A Statement.pdf

  220. Kohut-Autonomy and Integration.pdf

  221. Kohut-Beethoven and his Nephew.pdf

  222. Kohut-Beyond the Bounds of the Basic Rule.pdf

  223. Kohut-Clinical and Theoretical Aspects of Resistance1.pdf

  224. Kohut-Death in Venice.pdf

  225. Kohut-Discussion of.pdf

  226. Kohut-Forms and Transformations of Narcissism.pdf

  227. Kohut-Introspection.pdf

  228. Kohut MrZ.pdf

  229. Kohut-Observations on the Psychological Functions of Music1.pdf

  230. Kohut-On the Enjoyment of Listening to Music.pdf

  231. Kohut-Peace Prize 1969 Laudation.pdf

  232. Kohut-Psychoanalysis as Psychohistory or Why Psychotherapists Cannot Afford to Ignore Culture.pdf

  233. Kohut-Psychoanalysis in a Troubled World.pdf

  234. Kohut-Reflections on the Occasion of Jean Piaget.pdf

  235. KohutStolorowBuddhism.pdf

  236. Kohut-The Arrow and the Lyre.pdf

  237. Kohut-The Disorders of the Self and their Treatment.pdf

  238. Kohut-The Evaluation of Applicants for Psychoanalytic Training1.pdf

  239. Kohut-The Future of Psychoanalysis.pdf

  240. Kohut-The Haunting Melody.pdf

  241. Kohut-The Psychoanalyst in the Community of Scholars.pdf

  242. Kohut-The Psychology of Imagination1.pdf

  243. Kohut-Thoughts on Narcissism and Narcissistic Rage.pdf

  244. Kriegman-Chapter 6 On the Existential.pdf

  245. Lacan-Some Reflections on the Ego1.pdf

  246. Lacan-The Neurotic.pdf

  247. Lachmann-Chapter 4 Interpretation in a Developmental Perspective.pdf

  248. Laing-Knowing What Ain.pdf

  249. Langs-A Systems Theory for Psychoanalysis.pdf

  250. Lawes – Health and pathology.pdf

  251. Layton-Notes Toward a Nonconformist Clinical Practice.pdf

  252. Lazar-Subject in First Person.pdf

  253. Leighton-The Analyst.pdf

  254. Leira-Silence and communication.pdf

  255. Lerner-My Psychoanalytic Journey.pdf

  256. Levene-Chapter 11 Dyadic Capacity.pdf

  257. Levenson-Beyond Countertransference.pdf

  258. Levenson-The Uses of Disorder Chaos.pdf

  259. Levine-Beauty Treatment.pdf

  260. Levine-The Intersubjective Perspective.pdf

  261. Levine-Unformulated Experience.pdf

  262. Levine-Working Intersubjectively.pdf

  263. Levin-Learning Chaos.pdf

  264. Levin-That.pdf

  265. Lichtenberg -Compliance as Cooperation.pdf

  266. Lichtenberg-Discussion.pdf

  267. Lichtenberg-Experience as a Guide to Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice.pdf

  268. Lichtenberg-Listening.pdf

  269. Lichtenberg-Motivational Systems and Model Scenes with Special References to Bodily Experience.pdf

  270. Lichtenberg-The Experts Give Their Views of a Case Report of Shame.pdf

  271. Litowitz-P-751-759.pdf

  272. Litowitz-When.pdf

  273. Loewenberg-Lucian and Sigmund Freud.pdf

  274. MacIsaac-Treatment of a Severely Depressed.pdf

  275. Magid-Chapter 7 Surface.pdf

  276. Magid-Knowing Which Way is Up.pdf

  277. Magid-Psychotherapy and Buddhism.pdf

  278. Magid-The Couch and the Cushion.pdf

  279. Malpas-Between Ourselves.pdf

  280. Mancia-Implicit Memory and Early Unrepressed Unconscious.pdf

  281. Martinez-Chapter 3 Twinship Selfobject Experience and Homosexuality.pdf

  282. Martinez-Chapter 9 The Bad Girl Twinship.pdf

  283. Matthis-Emotional life.pdf

  284. Mayes-The Twin Poles of Order and Chaos.pdf

  285. McAlister-Dramatherapy and Psychosis.pdf

  286. McDowell-Autism.epub

  287. Meissenr-The Self.pdf

  288. Meissner-Finding and Refinding the Therapeutic Alliance.pdf

  289. Meissner-Prospects for Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century.pdf

  290. Meissner-The Self and the Body.pdf

  291. Mermelstein-Chapter 10 Easy Listening.pdf

  292. Mermelstein-The Role of Concordance and Complementarity in Psychoanalytic Treatment.pdf

  293. Mermelstein-The Self.pdf

  294. Miller-Dynamic Systems and the Therapeutic Action of the Analyst.pdf

  295. Miller-Incoherence Incognito.pdf

  296. Mills-A Critique of Relational Psychoanalysis.pdf

  297. Mills-Existentialism and Psychoanalysis.pdf

  298. Mills-The Immorality of the Home Office.pdf

  299. Minerbo-Some Comments on Baranger.pdf

  300. Modell- Implicit Boston.pdf

  301. Moore-The Archetype of the Way Tao.pdf

  302. Morton-Metaphors are us Ogden.pdf

  303. Morton-Metaphors are us.pdf

  304. Muller-A View From Riggs.pdf

  305. Muller-The Third as Holding the Dyad.pdf

  306. Nahum-Explicating The Implicit.pdf

  307. Nebbiosi-Tano.pdf

  308. Nebiossi-Organizing Patterns in a Dyad and in a Group.pdf

  309. Ogden-Analysing Forms Of Aliveness And Deadness Of The Transference.pdf

  310. Ogden-Analysing the Matrix of Transference.pdf

  311. Ogden-An Elegy.pdf

  312. Ogden-A Picture of Mourning.pdf

  313. Ogden-Borges and the Art of Mourning.pdf

  314. Ogden-Commentary on Dr Böhm.pdf

  315. Ogden-Comments on Transference and Countertransference in the Initial Analytic Meeting.pdf

  316. Ogden-Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming.pdf

  317. Ogden-Elements of Analytic Style.pdf

  318. Ogden-Listening Three Frost Poems.pdf

  319. Ogden-On holding and containing.pdf

  320. Ogden-On not being able to dream.pdf

  321. Ogden-On Projective Identification.pdf

  322. Ogden-On talking.pdf

  323. Ogden-On Teaching Psychoanalysis.pdf

  324. Ogden-On the Concept of an Autistic.pdf

  325. Ogden-On the Dialectical Structure of Experience.pdf

  326. Ogden-On the Nature of Schizophrenic Conflict.pdf

  327. Ogden-Reading Loewald.pdf

  328. Ogden-Reconsidering Three Aspects Of Psychoanalytic Technique.pdf

  329. Ogden-Reverie And Metaphor.pdf

  330. Ogden-Review Essay.pdf

  331. Ogden-Some Theoretical Comments on Personal Isolation.pdf

  332. Ogden-Some Thoughts on the Use of Language in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  333. Ogden-The Analytic Third.pdf

  334. Ogden-The Concept of Interpretive Action.pdf

  335. Ogden-The Dialectically Constituted.pdf

  336. Ogden-The Music of What Happens.pdf

  337. Ogden-The Perverse Subject of Analysis.pdf

  338. Ogden-The Taming of Solitude.pdf

  339. Ogden-This art of psychoanalysis.pdf

  340. Ogden-What I Would Not Part With1.pdf

  341. Ogden-What.pdf

  342. Oklander-The Whole and the Parts.pdf

  343. Orange-An Authentically Different Being.pdf

  344. Orange-Antidotes and Alternatives.pdf

  345. Orange-Conscience as the Reappearance of the Other in Self.pdf

  346. Orange-Discussion of Lucyann Carlton.pdf

  347. Orange-Do We Really All Know.pdf

  348. Orange-For Whom the Bell Tolls.pdf

  349. Orange-Hermeneutics.pdf

  350. Orange-Introduction to Papers from the Conference Dionysius.pdf

  351. Orange-Reply to Charles Strozier.pdf

  352. Orange-Reply to Curtis.pdf

  353. Orange-Reply to Pariser.pdf

  354. Orange-Suffering Stranger.pdf

  355. Orange-The Chicago Institute Lectures.pdf

  356. Orange–The Creation of Reality in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  357. Orange-There Is No Outside.pdf

  358. Orange-Why Language Matters to Psychoanalysis.pdf

  359. Ornstein-Artistic Creativity and the Healing Process.pdf

  360. Ornstein-Experiencing Vitality.pdf

  361. Ornstein-Kohut Releasing the Self.pdf

  362. Pereira-Psychoanalysis.pdf

  363. Perlman-Angels in My Consulting Room Kohut.pdf

  364. PhenomContext.pdf

  365. Pickles-A Systems Sensibility.pdf

  366. Piers- Character as Self Organizing.pdf

  367. Powell-Chapter 9 Insight.pdf

  368. Preston-The Edge fo awareness.pdf

  369. Priel-Authority as Paradox.pdf

  370. Priestley-Music Therapy.pdf

  371. print.txt

  372. Procci-Chaos Theory as a New Paradigms.pdf

  373. Quinodoz-Transitions In Psychic Structures In The Light Of Deterministic Chaos Theory.pdf

  374. Ramberg-In Dialogue with Daniel Stern.pdf

  375. Rector-Developmental Aspects of the Twinship Selfobject Need and Religious Experience.pdf

  376. Reeder-Hermeneutics and Intersubjectivity.pdf

  377. Reis-Adventures of the Dialectic.pdf

  378. Reis-Sensing and.pdf

  379. Reis-Thomas Ogden.pdf

  380. Reis-You Are Requested to Close the Eyes.pdf

  381. Renik-Existentialism and Psychoanalysis.pdf

  382. Ringstrom-Reply to Commentary by Daniel N Stern.pdf

  383. Robert_D._Stolorow-Trauma_and_Human_Existence_A.pdf

  384. Robert_D._Stolorow-World,_Affectivity,_Trauma_H.pdf

  385. Robertson-Contexts of Being.pdf

  386. Robinson-The tolerance of artistic intelligence.pdf

  387. Romanyshyn-Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis Ponty.pdf

  388. Roser-Autism from an Intersubjective Perspective.pdf

  389. Roser-Beginning Treatment of an Autistic Child from An Intersubjective Perspective.pdf

  390. Rotenberg-Degas.pdf

  391. Ruth-Play.pdf

  392. Ruth- Recognition.pdf

  393. Ruth-The Two.pdf

  394. Sacks-Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.pdf

  395. Sander-Thinking Differently.pdf

  396. Sass-Humanism.pdf

  397. Sauvayre-Empty Depth.pdf

  398. Sayers-Intersubjective Winnicott.pdf

  399. Scarfone-A Matter of Time.pdf

  400. Scharff-Fairbairn and the Self as an Organized System.pdf

  401. Segal-The Indiscreet Charm of the Hysteric Bollas.pdf

  402. Seitz-Some Links between Clinical Interpretation.pdf

  403. Seligman-Dynamic Systems Theories as a Metaframework for Psychoanalysis.pdf

  404. Shane-A View from Developmental Systems Self Psychology.pdf

  405. Shane-Commentary on Discussion by Stolorow and Aron.pdf

  406. Shane-Developmental Systems Self Psychology.pdf

  407. Shane-How Does Analysis Cure.pdf

  408. Shane-M.-Self-Psych.-in-Search-of-the-Optimal-Progress-in-Self-Psych.-vol.12-p.37.pdf

  409. Shane-The Transformative Effects of Separation and Divorce on Analytic Treatment.pdf

  410. Shapiro-From Monologue to Dialogue.pdf

  411. Siltala-I Made a Picture of My Life.pdf

  412. Silverman-Bridging Natural Science and Hermeneutics.pdf

  413. Silvers-Commentary on Nebbiosi.pdf

  414. Simmons-The Curse of Doyle Empire.pdf

  415. Skar- Music The goal as Process.pdf

  416. Slavin-How a Kleinian Analysis Also Tells a Relational and Intersubjective Story.pdf

  417. Slavin- Post Stolorow.pdf

  418. Sossin-Embedding.pdf

  419. Sprengnether-Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming.pdf

  420. Spruiell-Deterministic Chaos and the Sciences of Complexity.pdf

  421. Spruiell-Kuhn.pdf

  422. Stein-Between couch and piano.pdf

  423. Stein-Music and Trauma in Polanski.pdf

  424. Stein-Music.pdf

  425. Stern-Commentary on Paper by Philip A.pdf

  426. Stern-Commentary on.pdf

  427. Stern-Language and the Nonverbal as a Unity.pdf

  428. Stern-Narrative Writing and Soulful Metaphors.pdf

  429. Stern-Non Interpretive Mechanisms in Psychoanalytic Therapy.pdf

  430. Stern-Non.pdf

  431. Stern-The Dialectic Between the.pdf

  432. Stern-The Fusion of Horizons.pdf

  433. Stern-The Man Who Mistook his Impact for a Hat.pdf

  434. Stern-The Yin and Yang of Intersubjectivity.pdf

  435. Stern-Words and Wordlessness in the Psychoanalytic Situation.pdf

  436. Stewart-The Sound Link.pdf

  437. Stolorow-A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Development of Cognition and Action.pdf

  438. Stolorow-An Intersubjective View of Self Psychology.pdf

  439. Stolorow-Anxiety.pdf

  440. Stolorow-Are Moral Outrage and Clinical Empathy Mutually Exclusive.pdf

  441. Stolorow-Autobiographical and Theoretical Reflections on the.pdf

  442. Stolorow-Autobiographical Reflections on the Intersubjective History of an Intersubjective Perspective in Psychoanalysis.pdf

  443. Stolorow-Cartesian and Post.pdf

  444. Stolorow-Chapter 16 Antidotes.pdf

  445. Stolorow-Chapter 17 The Myth of the Isolated Mind.pdf

  446. Stolorow-Clarifying the Intersubjective Perspective.pdf

  447. Stolorow-Contextualizing is not Nullifying.pdf

  448. Stolorow- Dynamic, Dyadic, Intersubjective Systems, An Evolving Paradigm for Psychoanalysis.pdf

  449. Stolorow-From Drive to Affectivity.pdf

  450. Stolorow-Heidegger.pdf

  451. Stolorow-Hermeneutics.pdf

  452. Stolorow-Impasse.pdf

  453. Stolorow-Incommensurable worlds.pdf

  454. Stolorow – Kohut and Contextualism.pdf

  455. Stolorow-Kohut and Contextualism.pdf

  456. Stolorow-MISTAKEN IDENTITY.pdf

  457. Stolorow-On the Impossibility of Immaculate Perception.pdf

  458. Stolorow-Prereflective Organizing Principles and the Systematicity of Experience in Kant.pdf

  459. Stolorow-Projective Identification Begone.pdf

  460. Stolorow-Psychoanalysis.pdf

  461. Stolorow-Self.pdf

  462. Stolorow-Shattered Worlds.pdf

  463. Stolorow-The Biographer.pdf

  464. Stolorow-The Contextuality of Emotional Experience.pdf

  465. Stolorow-The Phenomenology of Trauma and the Absolutisms of Everyday life.pdf

  466. Stolorow-The Relevance Of Early Lacan For Psychoanalytic Phenomenology And Contextualism.pdf

  467. Stolorow-The Relevance of Freud.pdf

  468. Stolorow-The Strawman Cometh.pdf

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